SINTRAL MCF 565 Metalworking coolant




HIGH PERFORMANCE, SYNTHETIC – LUBROCOOLANTSINTRAL MCF 565 is a completely mineral oil free and chlorine free synthetic technology that is very different to conventional metalworking coolant products. The best way to explain the concept is by using an analogy with automotive engine oils. It is now accepted that ‘synthetic oil’ used for car engines offers far superior performance to mineral oil products. So imagine using this technology as a soluble cutting fluid !.This product is excellent in very hard water conditions Leading the way in metalworking fluid technology, Lubra has developed SINTRAL MCF 565, a high performance, mineral oil free water miscible lubrocoolant with outstanding “multimetal” features.SINTRAL MCF 565 is a member of a new generation of cutting fluids featuring a hybrid blend of patented and synthetic lubricants, SINTRAL MCF 565 provides the ultimate performance on difficult-to-machine ferrous and non-ferrous alloys without corrosion or staining. Where To Use It: The product is uniquely formulated to be used on hard, brittle metals that “ordinary” fluids have difficulties with, such as inconel, titanium, stainless steel, aerospace alloys and hardened steels.General use in machining operations on cast iron, carbon steel and low-to-medium alloy steel, as well as aluminium alloys and copper alloys. SINTRAL MCF 565 is extremely operator friendly with the absence of mineral oil. Performance Benefits: Ø Synthetic lubricant technology provides high E.P. characteristicsØ Multi-metal capability. Use one coolant throughout the plantØ Extremely long sump life reduces coolant change-outsØ High resistance to bacterial and fungal growthØ Operator and Health and Safety friendlyØ Protects against sticky switches and valves. Keeps machines cleanØ Superior Tramp Oil rejection for removal of oils, cleaner work piecesØ Non-staining chemistryØ Cleaner machines – tolerates hard water.Ø Excellent corrosion protection Typical Physical and Chemical data: Visual appearance Clear liquidDensity at 15°C ASTM D 1298 0,950 Kg/dm³Emulsion appearance Milky-whitepH at 5% in water ASTM E70 9.3Corrosion test (chip/filter test) IP 287 Pass at 2%Refractometer factor 1.15 Brix Concentrations in water vary according to the kind of operation and to general machined material, they range from 4-6% approx for general machining operations to 7-9% approx for heavy-duty operations.

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