Mobilarma MT (Available in 20L)



Mobil Mobilarma MT


Application Mobil Mobilarma MT

Mobilarma MT is a versatile preservative that protects iron and alloys for a medium term during storage and transport. It is particularly suitable for the protection of precision machined parts where heavy films are not desirable. Mobilarma MT and LT are best applied by immersion, but can also be applied by irrigation, spraying or by brush. If necessary, it can be removed by using a solvent containing hydrocarbons or suitable alkaline detergents.

Features and benefits of Mobil Mobilarma MT

High flash-point solvents and so-called “narrow cut” solvents Less evaporation means less oil consumption and improved worker acceptability
Effective dewatering and corrosion protection Removes all traces of moisture from parts, resulting in long-lasting rust and corrosion protection
Improved coverage capacity Improved recovery and reduced product consumption
Multiple application purposes Less stock required. Can be used on different base materials in a variety of application methods.
Thin, transparent, powerful film Makes it easier to read markings on the parts.

Product Description Mobil Mobilarma MT

The Mobilarma Double Letter series are high performance preserving products. The Mobilarma series combines excellent corrosion protection and environmental awareness for a wide variety of applications, components and conditions. Mobilarma MT and Mobilarma LT are based on carefully selected solvents with a higher flash point and modern, technically advanced corrosion protection. The high flash point solvent provides increased coverage capacity, which means less oil consumption. Mobilarma MT and LT do not contain barium. Mobilarma SF is a mineral oil-based preservative that is normally used for the protection of steel sheets.

Health, safety and environment

A separate Safety Data Sheet is available for these aspects with specific details on risks, precautionary and first aid measures. It also describes the potential effects of contamination of the environment and includes instructions for disposal of finished product. Please read these instructions before use to ensure that this product is handled responsibly.

Typical Characteristics

Product specifications : Mobil Mobilarma MT
Colour Visual Dark brown
Movie type Visual Slightly greasy
Density at kg/l ASTM D 1298 0,813
Kinematic viscosity at 40 °C DIN 3104 1,8
Flash point °C ASTM D 93 55 (min)
Film thickness micron ISO 2719 /
Corrosion protection, within months ISO 6247 /
9 max
Corrosion protection, outdoor months ISO 7120 /
2 max

Additional information

Weight 20.00000000 kg

20 Litre