Mobil ATF 220 (Available in 12x1L, 4x4L, 20L and 208L)




Mobil ATF 220 is a premium quality fluid primarily for use in automatic transmissions of passenger cars and light trucks as well as in power steering systems.Mobil ATF 220 is formulated from highly refined mineral oils and superior additive systems to provide very good high temperature stability and resistance to lacquer and deposit formation, which could interfere with the correct operation of the transmission unit and its control system. It has excellent low temperature properties which ensure prompt circulation and effective lubrication at low starting temperatures and correct operation of hydraulic components.Mobil ATF 220 provides excellent protection against wear and its frictional properties give consistent, smooth shifts under a wide range of driving conditions. It prevents rusting and corrosion and resists foaming in service.

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Weight 12.00000000 kg

20 Litre, 208 Litre, 4*4 Litre