LUBRIJET coolant sump and machine cleaner





Are machining Chips a problem for you? How do you usually handle the chips scattered everywhere on your machine and work-piece?  This is a very annoying problem.

Welcome to LUBRIJET, the most efficient coolant/oil cleaning machine for all metal cutting shops, it is a machine capable of removing metal cutting chips and cleaning at the same time.. It effectively removes all Swarf to the Chip conveyor.

Simple in design, but very helpful for most milling machine customers, especially those who have large VMC and Gantry machines as the chip evacuation design in these big machines is generally not good and chip handling is always a problem for operator.

Therefore, we present to you the SUPERJET to solve the problem effectively and safely.

There is NO electrical power needed, only factory air source, about 6-7 bars, the higher, the better.  There are no consumable items needed.

Please refer to the catalogue attached


1)      No down time for CNC machines as long as the machine coolant tank can be reached by the operator.

The operator can use his free time to do cleaning work while the machine is in process. It provides quick coolant filtration,  capacity can be about 60 liters per minute with normal factory 5-6 kgs air supply. The higher air pressure, the higher the coolant flow rate.

2)    All the chips, sludges settled at the bottom of the coolant tank can be quickly and easily removed / collected through the Lubrijet unit. We have #40 filter net inside the tank as standard, about 0.38mm, and also have #80 net as option, about 0.19mm.

This means any chips and particles larger than 0.38 and even 0.19mm can be collected.

3)   It works for all kinds of cutting coolants,  It collects all metallic chips such as aluminum, cast iron, steel, copper, brass, plastic, bakelite …..

4)   It helps to save the coolant tank cleaning time, the usual cleaning way is manual work by hand, which takes a lot of time and not the best of jobs to carryout !.

5)   It helps to maintain the coolant cleanliness, to prolong the life of coolant and to save coolant costs

6)   It is a portable machine; one can be used for whole factory quickly and friendly

7)   No electric power or consumable items needed

8)   See the photo of metallic chips typically collected from various tests.



Additional information

Weight 68 kg

standard unit, with magnetic filter option

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