Houghton Garia 404 M10 (Available in 209L)



Houghton Garia 404 M-10. formerly Shell Garia 404 M 10


Garia 404 M-10 is a neat cutting oil for machining high alloyed steels, aluminum and magnesium alloys. Garia 404 M-10 is chlorine free, free of heavy metals and it has a low aromatic content. It contains a well balanced combination of polar, extreme pressure and anti-wear additives which gives the oil high load carrying properties. Due to its active sulphur content, the oil may discolor yellow metals.


Garia 404 M-10 is recommended for:


Deep-hole drilling

Taping or broaching of low to medium alloyed steels

Gear hobbing

Machining on automatic lathes

Garia 404 M-10 is used neat as supplied.

Additional information

Weight 209 kg

20 Litre, 205 Litre

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