Houghto-Draw TD52 (Available in 20L & 205L)




Houghton Houghto-Draw TD-52 – Medium viscosity heavy duty deep drawing oil

Houghto-Draw TD52 is a light coloured mobile metalforming oil based on chlorinated extreme pressure agents and special lubricity compounds.


Houghto-Draw TD52 can be used for difficult applications such as tube expansions and reductions, deep drawing and cold heading operations on carbon and stainless steels. Houghto-Draw TD52 can be applied by pump, brush, swab or roller and is readily removed by normal solvent degreasers such as Houghto-Clean 530 or by water based powerwash cleaners such as Houghto-Clean Plus 280. Houghto-Draw TD52 by virtue of its mid range viscosity and additive package can also be used as a heavy duty neat metalcutting oil for machining of high alloy and stainless steels. To prevent risk of staining it recommended that lubricant is removed prior to annealing.

Use neat as supplied.



  • High lubricity for arduous forming applications
  • Light coloured for good workpiece visibility
  • Prolongs tool and die life
  • Medium viscosity range for ease of application and removal by wash media


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Weight 20.00000000 kg

20 Litre, 205 Litre