Aqua-Quench 140


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Advanced Polymer Quenchant for Induction Hardening Applications


Aqua-Quench 140 is specifically designed for induction hardening applications to minimize residual sticky deposits on equipment and quenched parts.


Aqua-Quench 140 is diluted with water in use and provides extremely uniform quenching characteristics. It eliminates steam pockets and high residual stress associated with water quenching and avoids the formation of soft spots and inconsistent mechanical properties. Aqua-Quench 140 can be used for a very wide range of induction and flame hardening applications including the quenching of crankshafts, camshafts, transmission components, starter ring gears, and bearings. The quenching speed of Aqua-Quench 140 solutions can be selected to suit the steel hardenability and components requirements by varying the concentration of the solution. 1% to 5% solutions of Aqua-Quench 140 improve the wettability on the components surface thereby imparting a more uniform quench and preventing soft spotting. These low concentrations are generally used for steels of low harden-ability. 5% to 20% solutions of Aqua-Quench 140 provide a range of cooling rates similar to those of soluble oil emulsions and quenching oils and are used for steels of higher hardenability.



Hazy Light Amber Fluid

Kinematic Viscosity @ 100°F (37.8°C)

80 cSt

Specific Gravity @ 60°F (15.6°C)





  • Designed for induction hardening applications: Minimizes residual sticky deposits on equipment and quenched parts provide cleaner operations and prevents blockage of spray nozzles and filters
  • Uniform quenching eliminates steam pockets and formation of soft spot associated with water quenching
  • Water based quenchant to eliminate fire hazard and smoke associated with quenching oils along with cleaner parts and safer working environment


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