LUBRIVAC 400 with Accessory Kit for swarf and oil

LUBRIVAC 400 with Accessory Kit for swarf and oil

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LUBRIVAC 400 with Accessory Kit STANDARD FEATURES - The suction unit is a turbine motor of the “side channel blower” type: the fan being directly shafted on the motor shaft,this type of motor requires no transmission system and provides a performance of 2.850 RPM. It is thus completelymaintenance free, ideal for non-stop and heavy duty performance, very silent and resistant, matching an IP 55 level. The suction unit is protected by a nylon filter and afloating device, automatically stopping the suction when the liquid fills up the container- The solid material (chips, metal parts and fine remains) are collected into a collection hopper placed on top of thecollection tank, and withheld into a metal sieve grid (50 litres capacity); a user-friendly mechanism enables to tilt thehopper and discharge easily the collected solid material, while the cleaned liquid flows into the lower collection tank(400 litres capacity). The collection tank is made of polyester coated steel, and has one slanted side in order tosecure complete disposal of the liquid inside; two baskets provide a support for tools and hoses when not used, anda bolted panel enables easy cleaning of the collection tank.- A powerful flux inversion discharge with a 2 mt. discharge oil proof hose fitted with a gun and valve,enables to pump out very rapidly the collected liquid. - The vacuum cleaner is mounted on a solid steel trolley with two baskets to lay the accessories, equipped withbraking and turning wheels APPLICATIONS- Suction from machine tools of oils and coolants mixed with metal chips or other solid material - Filtration and recovery of cutting oil and coolant liquid- Rapid collection or disposal of the filtered liquid- Reduced stand-by time of machine tools- Saving by recovering and using several times the same oil and coolant- Possibility to suck up and pump out simultaneously- Need for just one operator to use the machine.

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·   Powerful 3 phase industrial vacuum for liquids and swarf

·   Integrated hopper with sieve grid to separate and dispose swarf chips

·   Flux inversion system for liquid discharge (100L/min)

·   Optional PPL filter for oil/coolant filtration

·   Float device automatically prevents overfilling when tank is full

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