Ultrakühl SC Antisep biocidal system cleaner for CNC coolant systems

Ultrakühl SC Antisep biocidal system cleaner for CNC coolant systems

Brand: Ultrakühl Coolants
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Ultrakühl SC is a machine tool cleaner and sterilising fluid. It is effective at low concentrations against both bacterial and fungal contaminants. It is suitable for both individual machine tools and large centralised systems and provides excellent corrosion protection during the cleaning process. Ultrakühl SC provides excellent cleaning, degreasing and sterilisation properties to ensure efficient cleaning of machine tool sumps and internal coolant delivery systems. It is particularly effective against machine tool slimes and deposits experienced with some materials. Ultrakühl SC also acts as a coolant system sterilization fluid to ensure optimum fluid life and reduces the potential of fluid spoilage by biochemical attack ensuring prolong fluid life. Treated fluids can continue to be used in production. Emulsion Type TranslucentMaterial Compatibility All Ferrous Alloys Carbon steels including high tensile and stainless steels  Aluminium alloys including Aerospace Yellow metal alloys Inconels and high Ni Alloys Oil resistant plastics and other non ferrous materialsWater Compatibility Typical50 to 500 ppm (calcium carbonate) Designed for low foamTypical ApplicationsMachine tool system cleaner and steriliser. Cleaning and sterilising industrial machine tools and coolant systems. The product should be circulated for 24 hours prior to draining.Free From Added Chlorine EP Sulphur EP Sodium Nitrite Secondary AminesConcentrations Machine tool cleaning 1-2%  Heavy duty machine cleaning 2-3% ULTRAKUHL EXTREME PERFORMANCE COOLANTSPlease visit the Ultrakuhl website www.ultrakuhl.com

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