Mobilith SHC 1500 (50Kg)

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Mobilith SHC 1500 (50Kg) - Mobilith SHC Series greases are supreme performance products designed for a wide variety of applications at extremes of temperature. They combine the unique features of synthetic base fluids with those of a high quality lithium complex thickener. The wax-free nature of synthetic fluids and the low coefficient of traction (compared with mineral oils), provide excellent low temperature pumpability and very low starting and running torque. These products offer the potential for energy savings and can reduce operating temperatures in the load zone of spherical roller and ball bearings.Mobilith SHC 1500 (50Kg) - The lithium complex thickener contributes excellent adhesion, structural stability and resistance to water. The greases have a high level of chemical stability and are formulated with special additive combinations to provide excellent protection against wear, rust and corrosion at high and low temperatures. Mobilith SHC Series greases are available in seven grades, varying in base oil viscosity from ISO VG 100 to 1500 and in NLGI grade from 2 to 00.Mobilith SHC 1500 (50Kg) - Mobilith SHC Series greases have become the products of choice for many users, in many industries worldwide. Their reputation is based on their exceptional quality, reliability, versatility and the performance benefits they deliver.Mobilith SHC 1500 (50Kg) Features:Outstanding high temperature and low temperature performanceExcellent protection against wear, rust and corrosionExcellent thermal stability and oxidation resistanceAdvantages and Potential BenefitsWide application temperature ranges, with excellent protection at high temperatures and low torque, easy start-up at low temperaturesReduced downtime and maintenance costs because of reduced wear, rust and corrosionExtended service life with longer intervals between relubrication and improved bearing lifeBuy Mobilith SHC 1500 (50Kg) Now

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