LUBRIGUARD 10 Rust Preventative

LUBRIGUARD 10 Rust Preventative

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Solvent deposited, water displacing rust preventative

Product Description:

LUBRIGUARD 10 is a solvent deposited water displacing corrosion preventative.
LUBRIGUARD 10 is a blend of de-watering agents, corrosion inhibitors, hydrocarbon mineral oils, synthetic sulphonates and hydrocarbon solvents. It offers short term protection of ferrous and aluminium alloy components. It leaves a light oily anti corrosion film when applied. It is ideally suited to inter-process protection after machining
Solvent deposited
Excellent dewatering properties


LUBRIGUARD 10 is best applied by dipping, spraying or brushing. If a tank is being used the residual water should be drained off periodically. Allow up to 50 minutes drying time. It may affect some rubbers and plastics on long-term exposure.
Product Specification:


Protection Indoors3-6 months
Protection Outdoors1 month
Protection Outdoors covered2 months
Thickness2.1 microns
Covering capacity60 sq.mtrs. / ltr

Typical Test Data:

SG @ 15.6°C0.830
KV @ 40°C (cSt)2.94
Film typeThin oily

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