OLEOGREEN ESN10 Synthetic neat cutting fluid

OLEOGREEN ESN10 Synthetic neat cutting fluid

Brand: Lubra
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Pack Size:22.5 Kg (25.48L)


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Extreme Performance Synthetic Cutting FluidTodays sliding-head CNC machines are designed for high speed operation and improved surface finish, but conventional neat cutting oils may not provide the performance required to realise these benefits, causing various problems such as: overheating, poor tool life, smoke / fume production and even fires ! OLEOGREEN ESN 10 has been formulated using specific advanced synthetic ester technology instead of conventional mineral oil. This, combined with specialised EP lubricity additives, enables OLEOGREEN ESN 10 to achieve an extremely high cutting performance, ideal for use in Sliding Head Lathes like Star, Citizen, Dugard and Tornos machines. OLEOGREEN ESN 10 is also designed to improve the working environment by reducing oil mist formation, including fumes in the cutting zone and with its self extinguishing properties it significantly reduces any fire risk. It doesn’t stop there either - as OLEOGREEN ESN 10 is a lower viscosity than most neat cutting oils the dragout consumption on your swarf can be much lower. Excellent lubricity Multimetal compatible Enhanced tool life Low misting and fuming Mineral oil free Reduced consumptionTechnical SpecificationFlashpoint: 200degCViscosity: 10cSt @ 40degCDensity: 0.883 kg/m3Colour: 1 ASTM D1500Appearance: Clear, light strawPlease follow link to article belowSLIDING HEAD MACHINES BENEFIT FROM 60% LESS OIL CONSUMPTION AND 600% TOOL LIFE INCREASE !If you machine Stainless Steel components - you need this product !Buy OLEOGREEN ESN10 now

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