High Pressure oil/coolant system - self cleaning (for Star, Citizen, Tornos etc)

High Pressure oil/coolant system - self cleaning (for Star, Citizen, Tornos etc)

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High pressure system:Ideal for sliding head machines like Star, Citizen, Tornos etc to significantly increase cutting performance and cleanliness of coolant/oil. Main system elements 1) PUMP FOR FEEDING THE MAGNETIC SEPARATOR2) MAGNETIC SEPARATOR3) CANDLE FILTER, MODEL “DN50” Self cleaning4) HIGH PRESSURE PUMP5) ADDITIONAL TANK TO RECOVER THE FILTERED LIQUID EQUIPPED WITH SMALL TANK FOR COLLECTING SLUDGE ANCHORED TO THE TANK WALL6) ELECTRIC CONTROL CABINET We will supply a pump to be installed to the tank of the customer’s conveyor as well as the connecting flexible pipeline to the magnetic separator.The pump above mentioned, will send the fluid to be filtered.Estimated flow rate: 20-25 lt/min.The dirty lubricant reaches the magnetic separator that detects particles.The pre-filtered fluid falls down to the below tank. A specific pump, constantly rotating, sucks the liquid and sends it to the candle filter.The filtration level is up to 20 microns. The clean fluid is then recovered into the below tank and it is sent to the nozzles through the high pressure pump at up to 60bar.The tank is equipped with two electro-level sensors for continuous pump flowThe electric cabinet will manage: 1) start/stop of the pump that feeds the magnetic separator2) magnetic separator3) start/stop pump for feeding the candle filter4) Candle filter and actuator for discharging sludge5) Electro-levels of minimum fluid level The running of the high pressure pump is controlled by signal from your machine tool cabinet panel

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